r+B Effie awards

Effie Awards – Jury duty for our Miruna Macsoda and Cătălin Rusu

Phone calls not yet returned? Email replies that came later than usual? It might not be typical behaviour for these two, but Miruna and Catalin are effing busy judging Effie cases, so get used to it for the next few days.

Back in 2012, Rusu+Borțun won its first Effie Award for this Becel (Unilever) campaign. You could say that we developed a taste for it, because we’ve produced several finalists in the years to come. Fast forward to 2018 and R+B is once again part of the Effie Awards landscape, only this time is because two of our members are part of the team that decides who’s who in terms of marketing effectiveness. Miruna Macsoda, Client Service Director & Strategic Planner + Catalin Rusu, Chief Creative Partner & CEO will put their 28 years of combined marketing & communications experience in the service of picking the campaigns that not only made your newsfeed sizzle, but also the cash register ring.

So we got used to seeing them staring for hours at their laptop screens or not seeing them at all. We’re not judging. Because we know they are…