Cannes Lions ’16 Diary by Mihaela Neațu

This year, our Group Creative Director Mihaela Neațu was our eyes & ears along the Croisette.

Mihaela Neațu made a list of who was naughty and what was nice at Cannes Lions ’16 and we’re willing to show it to you.

Favourite talk

72andsunny – Masculinity Today: The Dramatic Shift and The New Normal.

Why: because in the middle of the current feminist wave, it dared to say that “man up” is a problem as worrying as “like a girl”.

Favourite party

There comes an age when you go see a DJ in a conference room, around noon, at a Spotify seminar rather than at a party. #‎markronson‬ #‎40plus‬

Favourite campaigns

Under Armour – “Phelps”, because it’s a film under 1:30 min.


Art Institute of Chicago – “Van Gogh BNB”, because they thought of Airbnb.

Swedish Tourist Association – “The Swedish Number”, because it’s so easy.

Favourite bits & bobs

Iñárritu who was unaware that he has around 14-15 Lion awards, Beyonce’s Grand Prix, Iggy Pop’s tresses, Shane Smith’s tattoo, Maurice Levy’s accent, and that the trends in technology were presented by a 63 year old Kevin Kelly.

Souvenirs brought home

The thought that there’s a lot of work to be done. It’s not something that I didn’t know beforehand, but it struck me that everyone who was there was working and talking about work. With some exceptions, their clients aren’t better than ours, their day doesn’t finish earlier.

Oh, and the hero photo, found on the streets of Cannes.