Cătălin Rusu is a jury member for Golden Drum and the Effie Awards

Or at least that’s what the team in Corbeni 3 thinks he does during jury duty at the two festivals: he sees some case videos and either gives a thumbs up or a thumbs down, like Roman emperors after a gladiator match. Only now you do this with oversized green and red arcade-like buttons. Of course he tried to explain that it’s not a binary decision system but a complex, time-consuming evaluation process which involves multiple aspects to each entry, but everyone in the office agreed that the version with giant buttons was more plausible.


Regardless what the team thinks, Cătălin feels thrilled and honored he was granted the chance to be part of the local Effie Awards jury for the third year in a row and, for the first time, in the jury of the Golden Drum International Festival of Creativity. And it’s no easy feat, given the two festivals require different mindsets and abilities in order to properly judge all parts of a campaign scoring spectrum: from what makes the cash register ring to what makes people hit the heart on Insta and what raises the bar in terms of creativity. Speaking of “What”, that is the name of the competition category which Cătălin will judge at Golden Drum, next to top-tier creatives and executives from all over the world.

As for the Effie Awards, Cătălin will scrutinize entries from Retail, David VS Goliath and other categories.

If you’re feeling jealous of Cătălin’s voting prerogatives, just remember that you too have the chance to cast a vote during next week’s elections.