MagicJackpot / Do your magic and relax

the premises of communication

MagicJackpot enters the third year of communication and the second year of brand endorsement by Adrian Mutu. The casino category is still crowded and very active from the point of view of investments in advertising.

The gambling market is changing due to social pressure related to the possible addiction it generates among players. The government is considering changing the gambling advertising law and brands are trying to anticipate possible restrictions through changes in their communication strategy.

The category is still very promotional, but the positioning shift of the brands, taking into account the market, is also becoming more important.

communication objectives

Let’s create a differentiator for MagicJackpot through the advertising campaign and align ourselves with the international communication trends in the category starting from the current brand positioning “your magic is our jackpot”.

creative approach

The casino world is not only about winning prizes or money. We want to show that games become an integral part of the magic that people already have within themselves. After you do your everyday magic – the mandatory magic – it comes naturally to relax it too. How? With MagicJackpot.


There is magic in each of us, but it has to be trained to come out.

creative concept

Do your magic. Train your magic with Adi Mutu and relax.

We chose to develop a communication concept with an emotional benefit that the other players in the category have not approached so far.

We shift the focus from winning to relaxation, a well-deserved break from the things in which we put our magic and craft in everyday life: our jobs and passions.

The casino doesn’t make us special, it only represents a well-deserved break from what makes us unique in the rest. Just like when you take a relaxing coffee break, lay in the sun a bit or disconnect from offline on Social Media.

MagicJackpot comes to reconfirm and applaud the magic of every player outside the casino game, with a moment of relaxation.

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Project credentials

MagicJackpot clients:

Andrei Lupu

Adam Webber


Multi Media Est

Hypno – Director

Florin Ghenade – Photographer