Miruna Macsoda on pitch strategy at the Faculty of Marketing

Our Miruna Macsoda, Managing Director and Head of Strategy, arrived back at the Faculty of Marketing lecture hall from ASE. This time, though, she is in front of the students.

15 years after graduating from ASE, Miruna was invited by her former professor, Ioana Cecilia Popescu, Ph.D. in Marketing and Strategy and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Marketing, to give a lecture to Master’s students about pitch strategy.

Miruna, who has worked in the marketing industry for over 15 years, provided the students with valuable insights regarding the pitch strategy that she refined and polished throughout her career to be as grounded in reality as possible. Of course, she enjoyed the wave of students’ smart questions and their fresh perspectives on the subject.

Miruna offered them the guide and now it’s the students’ turn to make the best out of it.