Miruna Macsoda talks about Gen Z @Executive Club & @CEO Clubs Romania

More and more professionals want to know what’s the deal with the most discussed generation so far, Gen Z. Miruna Macsoda was invited to share knowledge about Gen Z at Executive Club Romania. She took a 360-degree look at the influence of Generation Z on society, as well as at Generation Z’s views on work, justice and personal freedom.

But Miruna didn’t stop there. She was part of the panel of the Panorama event at CEO Clubs, to discuss again about one of her favorite generations. With the answers always at hand, Miruna Macsoda presented some explanations and clarifications about the young Z consumers. Let’s dive into it.

What about Tik Tok?

What would the foray into the world of Generation Z be without mentioning the platform where most of them became native? Tik Tok, for sure. In the video above you can find some glimpses of what Miruna had to say about it.

Is Gen Z more chill?

This, we don’t know for sure. But they are more anchored in the speech of standing up for what seems to be correct and fair.

Because Miruna is very practical, she translates Gen Z into everyone’s understanding with examples. Of course, she didn’t bring Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber (haven’t she returned yet to Baldwin?) to debate the controversy with the laminated eyebrows but to exemplify the attitude of Gen Z in the position of little justices. *Singing ”Why are you being so mean” in Tik Tok.*


Gen Z at the workplace

Despite their dedication, Gen Z no longer views the workplace as an idyllic family place. We could say that they gave up on the corny vibe and took the effort to put on the shoes of a responsible adult rooted in the reality of the workplace as it is. Surely, Miruna had a remark on this.

Congrats, right?

We see Miruna as one of the most qualified people to provide insights about Gen Zs, not only because she works with its representatives, but also because she is connected to our nowadays society climate. As a result, she understands which buttons to press to motivate them, both at work and via advertising campaigns.

And it seems that we are not the only ones who see her this way. Blink blink.

You can find below a preview of Miruna Macsoda’s presentation on Gen Z.