New campaign for Superbet – A club to match your game!

The premises of communication

Superbet is the market leader, has the most extensive and qualitative network of betting
agencies, the most consistent and elitist group of sports ambassadors and a package of
rational and emotional benefits for the members of the loyalty program.
Through the loyalty program, the brand aims to activate member players, but first of all, to
create a community that already exists, at least on an informal level, in agencies all over the
country. Agencies are a safe meeting and socializing place for players who live in the same
The purpose of the club’s advertising campaign is to strengthen the community of members
and expand it to new members, bundled with a set of benefits in addition to the final winnings
at bets.

Creative solution

Through the created campaign, we aimed to transform the Superbet loyalty program into a
brand asset, with the help of a dedicated brand loyalty platform that would work on TV, in
betting agencies and in BTL activations at the seaside and within sports events.
The emotional benefit of the brand consists in the moment of transformation from something
ordinary to something extraordinary for all players who have contact with Superbet: from the
first step in the agency to the activations and the relationship with the brand ambassadors.


Through the loyalty program, Superbet not only offers you prizes but also the experience of
belonging to a sports club. The brand empathizes with its customers’ need for validation and
appreciation of their passion for sports, integration, and relationship with those who share the
same hobbies, with players on and off the field.

Creative concept

“The perfect club for your game!”

We further developed this concept in a series of video executions for TV and in an activation
platform in the agencies, at the seaside and on stadiums, at the main sporting events of the


Cashback TVC

Welcome Bonus TVC


Super Raffle House


Super Raffle Trip


Super Raffle Car

superbet rusu bortun
superbet rusu bortun

Project team & Partners

Production house:

Multimedia Est

Andrei Amărfoaie


Superbet clients:

Vlastimir Vukadinovic

Sergiu Petre

Alina Pupăză



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