Orange and Rusu+Borțun work together For Tomorrow

Technology has a big role in our life. It can’t be ignored. Besides its role in communication and everything else, technology can give us hope and joy, as you will find out next.

Orange is one of the most active technology promoters from Romania and supports its use, especially in the field of digital education. Therefore, Orange highlights the educative opportunities in online and supports the tomorrow generation of youths passionate about technology and digital. It does that through projects like ”SuperCoders”. In this context, CSR projects made by Orange needed an identity and a voice to be heard by Romania’s communities. And these two were created by us, Rusu+Bortun for Orange. 

More precisely, Rusu+Borțun created a platform where all of Orange CSR projects were brought together under the same roof. This roof was called ”For Tomorrow” – the essence of all Orange CSR projects. It is oriented mainly to education, focused on sustainability and long-term partnerships. All of this while respecting the brand values.


orange campaign

Orange is committed to its mission, that’s why this digital platform of social responsibility presents the results registered until now and encourages people to get involved in their turn. This being said, what do you do today for tomorrow?