Our 10th year in 12 campaigns

By now you’ve probably seen your tailored Facebook Year in review video and had the “damn, a lot has happened this year!” epiphany. We’ve had it too. And it made us take a looong trip back to the beginning of the year, when, in the afterglow of our 2017 Fibra results, we’ve buckled up for another 12 months-long roller coaster ride. And oh, what a ride it was! New business coming in, team members departures and arrivals, fun-filled brainstorming sessions, nights of nipping and tucking pitch presentations, post pitch presentation celebrations, pride from seeing our works praised by the industry, misery when it wasn’t and an ongoing effort to redefine the agency model to perfectly fit the demands of today. Oh, and did we mention we also turned 10 this year?

So warm-up your scrolling finger, ladies and gentlemen, and take a look at our selection of 12 campaigns that sum-up the last 12 months of hard-work in Corbeni 3:

1. Orotoro – Cozoburger

Orotoro, positioned as a burger restaurant chain for carnivores, wanted to launch a new restaurant in December, a month when Romanians want to have their traditional Christmas product on the table: COZONAC.

CHALLENGE: How do we talk about BURGER around the holidays?

IDEA: Let’s bring Cozonac and Burger together in a surprising way. When everyone thinks about Christmas, let’s remind people that real carnivores do not give up meat even for holidays. We created a new product, a special edition of celebration, a surprising “cozonac” with burger ingredients: tasty and especially for carnivores.

2. United Way – Education without interruption

To interrupt school is to interrupt a career. Every child is a potential adult with a successful career. But children who drop out of school, even just for a while, will never fulfil their potential. To show the consequences of interrupting education, we took this idea into the future by applying it to adult careers.

3. Țiriac Auto – The mixed vehicle

The gas from Țiriac Energy gas station can set in motion whatever you drive: a car, a van, a bus or a tractor.

4. ING Tech – A logo you can work in

A lateral idea meant to draw attention to ING Tech’s call for architects involving their future headquarters. Guess what? Not only it worked, but it managed to generate three times as many entries as initially expected.

5. BCR – Collective art painted with trust

BCR supports the development of communities to which it belongs through its solid principle of trust. So we used this principle of trust when BCR told us they had to create a new office building for over 1600 employees. More precisely, we applied the idea of trust by letting its own employees design each one of the floors under the guidance of the artist Kitra.

6. Europa FM – Just the naked truth

Through its news section called Verificat de Europa FM (Checked by Europa FM), the journalists investigate if the affirmations made by politicians are really true. Then, they give their final statement classifying them as being fake, partial fake, true or partially true.

7. Orange – The initiative for tomorrow

We created a platform where all the Orange CSR projects were brought together under one roof. This roof was called ”For Tomorrow” – the essence of all Orange CSR projects. For it we created an original editorial concept and an ingenious launch activation: a digital time-capsule for 2028.

orange campaign

8. Cărturești – World Book Day

Starting with a study saying that Romanians read, on average, only 2,5 books a year, we created an event were we challenged bibliophiles to read more than that in a single day. The event took place on April 23rd (World Book Day) in one of the Cărturești stores.

9. Orotoro - Burger a la Cluj

A burger recipe invented by us and perfected by Chef Iosif to mark Orotoro’s first restaurant in Cluj. Probably the first burger with baked cabbage in the world. Certainly the only burger with cabbage “a la Cluj” in the Universe.

10. Apollo 111 – My father, the priest

Apollo 111 is a young theatre in Bucharest focused on contemporary Romanian artists. This is the poster for the theatrical piece “My Father, the Priest”, which tells the story of a young man crushed between his homosexuality and the religious mindset of his family. The play came out amid a nation-wide conversation on gay rights started by the Coalition for Family and their mission to change the constitution in order to define family as being strictly between a man and a woman.

11. Anna Cori – Keep up with her!

In a market segment dominated by the “my wife’s shoes take up all the space in our closet” stereotype, we’ve come up with a promo campaign meant to consecrate man’s right to own just as many pairs of shoes as she does.

12. Europa FM – Unfinished Romania

Hundreds of kilometres of highways, tens of new schools and hospitals and a few stadiums. Not one of them completed. Europa FM’s campaign on political promises left unfulfilled needed a key visual. We delivered.