Apollo111 / #AboutLastNights

When the night begins, the disco lights are on in Bucharest’s clubs. Even if you just want to enjoy a drink or party all night long, there is a place for everyone in the club.

We created a communication campaign for Apollo111 Bar and we based it on the club’s DMs on social media. It created a connection between followers and Apollo111.


The parties at the Apollo111 Bar are attended every weekend by hundreds, even thousands of Bucharest party people. At the end of June, the parties went on summer break and the fun moved slowly to the terrace. The problem was a lot of the partygoers had no clue about its existence. Hence, the need to communicate. Our mission was to get the good vibe from the parties on the terrace and to complete the Apollo 111 experience with what happens after the parties.


Socializing over drinks has a certain personality, in that you can feel the relaxed way in which people talk about their experiences. This we discovered while browsing through Apollo’s Facebook private messages.

We found out that the page’s inbox didn’t only have a functional role, but it was an informal community platform, where people wanted to interact with the brand, one way or another. Some were asking for info, others were looking for a job, and a few gave their feedback, but most of them asked about the items they lost at parties, which gave us the insight that a party gone south becomes a story you tell the next day.


While most brands want primarily to get user-generated content and secondly to generate conversations and build community, we took the content from existing users and turned it into a meme, without making the author’s name public.

We took these private messages out of their anonymity and made them public under the #aboutlastnights hashtag, as a daily topic of conversation #ontheterrace, thus launching the first local campaign based on private messages turned into memes.


After 22 posts, organic reach per post grew 3,5 times and the number of reactions generated went up 5 times. But beyond social media, we’re pleased that the terrace sales have doubled. Check out the campaign on Apollo 111 Facebook page.

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