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No matter the age of a business, in the online world, it can be as modern as the clients want it to be. More than that, good communication in digital can have a big impact on a company’s results. 

We are taking care of Alexander Hughes communication and it became a part of our expertise. Alexander Hughes is a key player in the executive search business and it specialises since 1957 in top talent recruitment and high flyers search. Think of C-level global professionals who arrange the next steps in their career; you got it: it’s Alexander Hughes consultants!

The beginning of the beautiful friendship between us and the French company with offices in 54 countries coincided with a redesign of their digital identity, the website included. The website needed a modern touch, contemporary with its target and to distinguish itself from the dusty market.

For the second year in a row, we were in charge of creating the Alexander Hughes annual review, the main communication outlet for a traditional business.


For 2015...

The content was provided by the AH consultants and we handled the info-graphics and illustrations, as well as the DTP. The review looks at 19 companies from each country where AH has an office and checks how said companies handle certain indicators, such as the number of employees, how many members the board have, whether they ascended to the board from inside the company, the gender ratio in the board, as well as the age split, turn-over and industry. Its main aim: is to see what goes on in the board rooms of major companies based on hot topics.

For 2016...

We took everything into our own hands: we looked at the numbers for more markets (27 countries), we aggregated them and extracted all the necessary information we needed, because – we know how to look at big data and what to do with it.

We cannot stress enough how big this challenge was for us and how great the feeling of accomplishment is when we expand our range of skills beyond the usual tasks. So, annual reviews: come at us, we’re ready!

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