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Best Ads on TV - OOH - Shortlist
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Finding the right person or team for your projects is a difficult process. It is always a roulette because you can’t see the real human being in a portfolio, an interview or some superficial interactions. Though, at least you can make it creative and fun.

We developed a campaign for ING Tech to communicate the call for architects and to express the need of the company to create not just a space, but an environment for hundreds of souls.


ING Tech is a community of talented, passionate and collaborative software engineers who bring to life innovative banking solutions with global impact, across ING. They were looking for a new office, something like a statement-building – one that speaks about their personality, their values, how they see the world and how they want the world to see them.


An open call for concepts manifested through a contest where most creative architects could propose their versions of ING Tech statement-building. One which could express its personality and values.

Thus, we created An office for one person, which was not solely about ING Tech, but rather about its representatives. The offices were about Florina, Lucian, Mihai and all the other ING Tech employees.


Based on the project identity, we developed a mini-office space that could be used only by one person. This office was available for people who desired a free place to work undisturbed.

Online, An office for one person was published on real-estate websites, where it could be rented for the non-negotiable sum of 0 (zero) lei. It hasn’t missed Social Media either, where it was liked and shared by influencers, creatives or people who simply appreciated the idea.

This action was amplified through communication materials placed in high traffic areas of interest for the targeted communities, like Palatul Universul and The Institute.

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