Apollo111 / The new theatre

The cultural scene in Bucharest has been in bloom for the past few years. Tickets sell out immediately for FNT (National Theatre Festival), film-goers queue whenever art-house movies are screened and there’s a public avid to indulge in as many artistic manifestations as possible.

In this thriving space, we’re happy to announce the launch of a new theatre in town, willing to quench this thirst and change the cultural landscape of Bucharest. Everyone, meet Apollo111, a theatre as seen by artists. As this project is very close to home, we collaborated tightly with all the artists involved in the birth of the new theatre and we created: a concept, a manifesto, and a bold identity which encompasses its vision.


Apollo111 doesn’t believe in a one-way-only approach to making art and that’s why it reinvents itself with a new artistic director from one season to another.

Apollo111 – The world changes from one season to another.


There are a few of us who care about theatre. About art. About our universe. That’s why we created Apollo111, a project dedicated to art, but especially to artists. Which will change each season along with its artistic director. And which promises to speak to an audience who cares about theatre. About art. About our universe.


The logo was carefully crafted out of the handwritten letters of artists. Their signatures are at the very core of the identity of the new theatre. The design is fresh, yet striking, thanks to the bold colour scheme dominated by coral and electric blue.

Apollo111 is a theatre (both for grown-ups and children), but also a bookshop dedicated to dramatic arts, an events venue, and a bar – a modular concept.

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Corbeni 3, Bucharest, RO
Monday – Friday 10 AM – 7 PM