ADC*RO - TVC - 2nd place
ADC*RO - Digital - 3rd place
Webstock - Best influencer campaign - 3rd place

ASAP x Subcarpați

ADC*RO - TVC - 2nd place
ADC*RO - Digital - 3rd place
Webstock - Best influencer campaign - 3rd place

ASAP became a Romanian manifest aligned with our wishes for the preservation of the environment. We live on ancient lands and we have folklore and traditions. It inspired us to motivate people, with hearts like ours, to be part of the ASAP project. We’ve started with Subcarapați.

We’ve created a music video, based on folklore stories, with modern rhythms and current treatments, the way ASAP is too. Subcarpați showed us in the video that they are part of this project by signing the petition and encouraging others to do so.


ASAP was launched in the middle of the year and became popular at a fast pace. The partnership with Deliric meant a lot for the community of the young generation. It almost worked like a trigger because as expected, the issue of plastic abuse was already on the agenda. While running educational and cause awareness campaigns in partnership with KOLs, ASAP was making calls for enrolment. And the community responded quickly. People started to ask how to help, become active, and get involved.


The ASAP community asked for action.


ASAP responded.

We involved Subcarpați in a campaign meant to drive the community into action by signing the ASAP PETITION, fighting for schools around Romania to implement a selective waste collection system.

We chose to team up with Subcarpați for its strong connection with Romania and its core traditional values. As one of the most active supporters of local culture among young people, the underground band together with traditional music artists have been promoting the authenticity of Romania for the last decade. In the mission to stop plastic abuse, just before the 1st of December, ASAP and Subcarpați launched the music video “Dunăre, Dunăre” meant to raise attention around the ASAP PETITION and to call people to action by signing it.

Here is a look at ASAP Magazine. The first digital magazine app dedicated to the topic of plastic waste and sustainability targeting Gen Z.

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