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Nowadays, it is essential to be functional online. Even if you are an expert and your business sells on-site, the pandemic situation shows that we have to use the internet at least as a backup, no matter the field of activity.

AVANERA SUCEAVA is a modern brand which has the perspective of the future, so it was essential to show it on the website. We’ve developed it and we focused on a futuristic approach. We’ve thought the experience on the website to be as premium as the experience of living in this residential complex.


Avanera is the largest real estate project in Suceava, in the heart of Bucovina, the North-Eastern side of Romania. The project is developed by Trutzi Real Estate with the goal of building a cosmopolitan and modern way of living.


Avanera needed an up-to-date website, with a contemporary look and feel, proper for the demands of the consumers in 2021. If the real estate project itself has a very modern approach to its facilities and its standards, the website strategy should follow the same route.


We researched the latest trends in real estate online communication and we developed a mobile-centric design for Avanera, with a simplified UI. With a simple scroll, the user can know everything about the project. With a focus on an interactive experience, searching for a customized flat is a quick and easy process, just like a real visit inside the building. Also, the visuals and the animations speak about the modernity of the brand.


The brand experience is enhanced by the parallax effect used in showing the whole project. In the beginning, the video story presents all the important details in an easy-to-digest way. Finding the right place to call home has never been easier for the customer.

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