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A car makes our lives easier, it facilitates the way we move in the city or on our trips. It becomes more than a car, it may be transformed into a restaurant or bedroom and we created a connection with cars, even if these are just objects. 

We designed a rebranding for Avia Motors and created a new logo and a fresh headline which concentrates on the idea that Avia’s cars are like a family. 



Avia Motors is one of the most respected car dealerships in Romania, with a heritage dating back to 1991. The business had a steady and sturdy evolution up to the point where it expanded to a new city and eventually added new brands to its portfolio. Having reached this point, they felt the need for a facelift in terms of brand identity. So we crafted one for them, based on something both employees and customers feel about Avia Motors – it’s like family. So we designed a fresh new logo and distilled the brand promise in a tagline: Your car’s family.

After the branding process was over, we were also given the task of creating the first campaigns under the new identity, pointing out some benefits of being an Avia Motors customer and a couple of promos. So we had to make sure that we also express the brand’s new character while doing so.


Having our family close to us during important milestones of our lives brings comfort and confidence.


Your car has the Avia family to rely upon in its moments of need just as you have your close ones ready to support you when taking the first steps towards something new.

Thus, we’ve linked human and car turning points together in a series of emotional analogies that capture the essence of family support.

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