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Overall strategy

For the Bixtonim Xylo Aroma range, we had two communication objectives, with the expectation that our advertising campaign would generate an immediate and direct impact on sales.

1. Positioning Bixtonim Xylo Aroma as an expert, leading brand that understands the importance of normal breathing when dealing with nasal congestion caused by cold and flu episodes.
2. Building a brand image that reinforces the expertise in nasal congestion.

Although the products are unisex, we took into consideration that men often endure the discomfort caused by cold and flu more intensely than women and seek shortcuts to feel better as quickly as possible. They serve as a benchmark for testing the performance of such a product.

In the strategy and creative development, we started with the premise that Bixtonim ads featuring male protagonists would have a higher impact, even on women. This kind of executions would enhance credibility.

In dramatizing the product, we also considered from a consumer perspective that a stuffy nose triggers a snowball effect, leading to other problems: a heavy head, concentration issues, physical exertion difficulties due to breathing problems (even climbing stairs at the office or at home).

Creative Concept "The Last Breath"

Creative Insight: Men tend to struggle more with colds compared to women. When a man catches a cold or gets the flu, it feels like the whole world stops. He complains about every symptom and requires special care. Women typically handle the illness more stoically, often taking care of both when they get sick at the same time.

Creative Direction: Bixtonim Xylo Aroma is so effective that it addresses the nasal congestion, one of the most unpleasant cold&flu symptoms experienced. We mirror the behaviours of both sexes to dramatize the product’s expertise.

Idea: Bixton Xylo Aroma is effective for both men’s and women’s colds.

Brand Promise: Bixtonim Xylo Aroma clears stuffy noses in both men and women during colds and flu, acts quickly, and provides long-lasting relief from nasal congestion.

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