ADC*RO - TVC - Silver

Superbet / București, 1930

ADC*RO - TVC - Silver

Superbet is a leading brand with a strong DNA in the sports category. The casino is a core business stream in the company’s portfolio.
While most Romanians love football more than any other game, people from around the country should be able to enjoy it through the Superbet digital casino.


This year Romania will not be participating in the Championship with its national team.


Football is in the top 3 most talked about topics in Romania. Through the experience of fun and games, people are able to enjoy themselves even from miles apart from the stadium.


During Romania’s first participation at the World Football Cup in 1930, in Uruguay, the golden era of Bucharest was taking place. People were putting a lot of focus on lifestyle and entertainment and the casino played a major role in this.
The campaign integrates the sports brand ambassadors as characters of the casino games and creates storytelling around the product.
This campaign was awarded by ADC in mid-2022, receiving a Silver Prize.

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