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In Romania, holidays are associated with specific food. It is that night of Christmas Eve when the family is around the table and eats boeuf salad, sarmale and cozonac. 

We reinterpreted the traditional food in Orotoro’s campaign, giving a touch of modernity to the Romanian well-known cozonac. It was a reinterpretation overall, from the name to the specifics of the food (the dessert became a main course).


Orotoro, positioned as a burger restaurant chain for carnivores, wanted to launch a new restaurant in December, the month when Romanians want to have their traditional Christmas product on the table: COZONAC.


How do we talk about BURGER around the holidays?


Let’s bring Cozonac and Burger together in a surprising way. When everyone thinks about Christmas, let’s remind people that real carnivores do not give up meat even for holidays.

We created a new product, a special edition of celebration, a surprising “cozonac” with burger ingredients: tasty and especially for carnivores.

Cozoburger-ul, the orotorian Christmas announcer, is a hybrid between the delicious nut-stuffed sweet-twisted dough of the mighty dessert cozonac, and an Orotoro special burger made of wild boar meat. The sweet-salted contrast gives a surprising blend to the cozonac-burger, transforming the classic burger into a novelty product with much more appeal to the young audience. Giving a fun twist to the well-known product, the spoiled burger of the Orotorians is a brave reinterpretation of a fragment of Romanian tradition.



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