Electrica Furnizare / Electrica 3în1

Over time, people changed their way of living. They stay longer at work, they are focused more on their careers and they need support in maintaining their houses.

We developed a campaign for Electrica Furnizare to show off the solution for the need of having someone to take care of the house when you can not do it by yourself.


Electrica Furnizare S.A, the biggest Romanian energy provider with a rich history that started in 1884, needed a striking communication campaign centred around the three major benefits for everyone who chooses their subscription: electric energy at a great price, emergency technical assistance and goods insurance.

From branding to ATL to digital amplification, the campaign communicates a strong idea promoting how the heritage of a long-lasting company responds to the needs of the modern consumer.


While the older generations were used to applying their skills in repairing things around the house, today’s clients don’t have this extra knowledge, they are busy doing their actual jobs.


First, we created the branding for this package. And we named it Electrica 3în1. A clear, simple, promotional name that pointed out the triple benefits: price, assistance and insurance. Thus, a series of services became a strong commercial product.

Regarding the ATL and digital campaigns, our strategy was as follows:

The times have changed. You don’t have to stick to the do-it-yourself ethics of your grandfather and try to solve your electrical appliances issues with your own hands.

When in need, you just have to call the Electrica personnel to solve your issues. You do your job, we do ours.

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