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Our client Electrica Furnizare wanted to decrease to minimum the clients still receiving printed invoices through the mailing services and convince them to switch to the digital invoice.

Even though Romania is in top countries with access to internet and mobile phone usage, Romanians are resisting change when it comes to these kind of invoices.


Romanians have the feeling that by still receiving the paper invoices, they have a better control of the history and regularity of their payments.

Key Visual of the first wave:

Two waves, one Case Study

See the Case Study below:

Key Visual of the second wave:

Creative idea

We developed a promotional national campaign through which we rewarded Electrica Furnizare clients who gave up on the paper bills, with technology driven prizes such as gadgets. We reminded them how in other areas of their lives, they are enjoying digital stuff so much that getting the invoice in the mail box, becomes silly.

In the campaign video we switched the roles between youngsters and older people in order to dramatise how simple it is to make the change to the digital invoice.

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