Electrica Furnizare / When your home is great, it’s a family date

Electrica Furnizare is a reputable gas and energy supplier, and also an important supplier of additional services and goods for household maintenance and upgrading. This year, we are back with an electrifying campaign. We dressed up the concept of comfort at home with a little humor. Additionally, we presented all the facets that create this ideal landscape of a fully equipped house.


Electrica Furnizare launched its offer of household appliances in 2020 and from 2021 started marketing it under the name “Solutions for your home”.

We want to draw attention to the products by emphasizing their benefits in a way strongly rooted in Romanian culture. We continue to build on the prior campaigns’ messaging while keeping our present communication close to it.


In our culture, we have the habit of visiting our neighbors when we are in need of something, and relatives frequently drop by unannounced and stay overnight. Also, Romanians are delighted when their actions are also acknowledged by others. Because if their choices are validated from the outside, it means they are doing something right.

creative solution

People want to enjoy your comfortable house too. Thus, the situation becomes complicated when everyone needs something that is in your home.

We focus on Romanian life, when individuals, usually neighbors or relatives, need something from us. They approach us because they want to appreciate the cool stuff you have in your home. We can’t refuse them because they don’t even give us the chance. Thus, everyone wants a piece of the super comfortable home you have, upgraded with solutions from Electrica Furnizare.

când la tine-i bine electrică furnizare Rusu bortun

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