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We are bored of classic sites, where you just scroll, read and see images. We like to be involved in the action to create, even online, our own universe. 

Equatorial had already decided to stray away from traditional training, replacing it with gamified learning activities and intelligent platforms, like Marathon or ON Pharma!

What we did was to transform the blog into a gamified reading experience, aimed at keeping the user entertained and with a good grasp of the articles once they’ve done reading. Behold, Ludoteca!


Ludoteca Equatorial is a playground for grown-ups. Here you will find a weekly source of articles about the world of gamification. Because we’re serious about playing, at the end of each article you will find questions which test how carefully you’ve read the text. If you answer correctly, you will receive points in your Equatorial account with which you can purchase: books, cinema or theatre tickets. Play on! The point-based system follows the user in each interaction. Enter Ludoteca for the first time – Boom! you get one point. Clicking on a new article gets you another point. Each article, be it long-form or video content, is followed by questions. If you give the wrong answers, a pop-up is ready to guide you to where in the article you have to re-read. If you get all the correct answers, the number of points goes directly to your Equatorial account. These rewards are obvious through both visual signs, like pop-ups, and audio ones with a Ka-ching! sound for each received point.

The Marketplace is full of smart rewards, such as books, DOR subscriptions, theatre tickets or cinema ones. Each of them can be claimed once an adequate amount of points is raised.

The gamified blog offers a good setup for organising contests and a great opportunity for getting inventive with corporate content. Our most challenging task yet? A business press release filled with fun elements. You can view it here.

Until now, loads of prizes have been claimed, a clear sign that Equatorial’s readership is avid to find more about gamification each week.

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