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For a long time now, pharmacists in Romania felt they were being treated as mere vendors, rather than as professionals who learned a whole lot to be where they are. Every year, pharmacists have to take a set of tests authorised by Colegiul Farmaciștilor din România, which assess pharmacology knowledge in return for credits compulsory for their career. 

We designed ON Pharma’s app, where users take pharma quizzes in exchange for EFC credits, completely acknowledged by Colegiul Farmaciștilor din România. We were in charge of the identity, the design and the programming.

Once you download the game, this is what happens: you create your avatar, be it loyal to your reality or completely fictional, you choose a nickname, and you pick one of the types of game. Virtual Opponent lets you tackle the quizzes against a bot, whereas Test tube Battle (Duelul Eprubetelor) means you can challenge any of your in-app friends to a pharma knowledge duel!

The design is modern and colourful, relying on the blue pill / fuchsia pill aesthetic. The avatars are responsive and they react whenever an answer is given; it frowns at a wrong answer and smiles at a correct one.

The application was launched in front of the biggest pharmacy congress in Romania in October and received with great enthusiasm in the pharma community.

The big plan is to use the quiz platform as a useful tool for various niches and industries, in order to help people better assimilate information through gaming. The next in line is ON Banking! which you guessed it, is dedicated to the finance world.

We’re very happy with the result and we are convinced that there’s no better way of presenting the game than actually playing it. So go on, click here, download ON Pharma! and play ON.

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