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Our future is created by the actions we do today. The percentages of the changes we can make are different from one situation to another. However, to do something is more than not doing anything.

This autumn, Europa FM wanted to have a strong say in the context of Romanian parliamentary elections and invite radio listeners to VOTE for Europa FM. This invitation is backed up by a top-notch content platform which delivers news & entertainment but also granted promises. We wanted to draw attention to Europa FM as being the best option for a listener. Europa FM offers the audience everything a radio could offer: good music, high-quality and objective information, humour, and relevant prizes.


FACT: EuropaFM is an objective radio, that doesn’t support politicians, but principles.

OBSERVATION: The country doesn’t change with politicians but through the everyday actions of the people.


Each show host will support a set of good choices, encouraging Romanians to make changes for the better. Under the hashtag #alegealtfel (#choosedifferently), we created the messages of the campaign.

The messages are closely connected with each show, in the voice of the programmes, expressing their core values and the idea that, in the end, a show is an important choice.

Choose stories for grown-ups – for the show La Radio cu Andreea Esca, focused very much on people.

Choose to open your eyes widely – for Deșteptarea, Europa FM’s morning show.

Choose to be human behind the wheel, too – for Drum cu prioritate, Europa FM’s drive time show.

Choose to make yourself heard – for the show Europa Express.

Choose to face the truth – for Moise Guran’s show România în direct.

The visuals are widely used online, in print and soon outdoors and they bear strong aesthetics, in bold colours and are complemented by a powerful typeface. The visual direction reminds of modern political campaign posters, and the torn banner suggests the pattern the listener should break; they should choose differently, they should choose Europa FM.

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