K.M. Trust / A 3-Day Executive Program

K.M.Trust & Partners brings world-class speakers to Bucharest for an executive development program. For those who don’t speak corporate, that’s like a three-day long Ted Talk where tens of super smart top managers learn how to be even smarter. What’s different here is that there’s more interaction between the audience and the speakers, as well as with each other.



We came up with a key visual that captures the essence of it was not a simple task. Since all the topics seemed to revolve around easing up the pressure that comes with top management duties, we chose a brain-balloon calmly floating among clouds as a visual metaphor for the state of mind that can be reached with the newly acquired tools. The overall mood of the visual also hinted at Renaissance-period books, creating a subtle link between that particular enlightenment period and the broad-mindedness achieved through the event.

about the event

This year’s event took place at the beginning of June and the speakers were: Srini Pillay, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, Adam Leonard, who currently develops executive global leaders at Google and Radu Manolescu, Co-founder and Managing Partner of K.M.Trust & Partners. They tackled topics such as reaching the high-performance brain state called „flow” or brain-based frameworks for everyday challenges to avoid burnout and enhance business impact.

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