Mega Mall / The grand opening

In May 2015, the biggest mall in Bucharest had its grand opening: Mega Mall. Its positioning is “THE CITY CHANGES WITH US”.

How do you get people excited about the grand opening, without taking the same beaten path of using “look at me how big and beautiful I am” executions? How do you express the positioning in a way that’s empathetic? You are empathetic.


Sometimes when you’re big, you have to act small.


Like offering small surprises to the people of Bucharest. We chose a number of dull and forgotten places in the city and, overnight, transformed them into nice things that you can get at the mall.



An old fountain became a popcorn box,

another old fountain became a cupcake tray,

some metal spheres became playful sports balls.

These unattractive and normal places became very attractive. The only connection with the mall was the logo & the slogan.

And because we wanted it to be a surprise, we didn’t announce the stunt over social media channels, we let the people discover them in the morning. And people reacted.

The “new” places became photo attractions. The photos generated a stir on social media, being shared by thousands of people. The media also picked up on it, and we made headlines – bringing the coverage to a total of 74 print and online pieces.

Over 400,000 people visited Mega Mall in the first 4 days.

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