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Community Index - Educație pentru elevi - Gold

The pandemic situation in Romania caught a lot of students in villages without the resources for learning – laptops/tablets. Authorities promised to provide these, but they were late and students were left behind.

We designed a social campaign for Metaminds to encourage the children who have possibilities to recycle in civic spirit. After recycling, the company bought gadgets for students in need. We also developed an app to facilitate the process of conversion – from biodegradable stuff to gadgets. 


Metaminds, one of the leading cybersecurity companies in Romania, wanted to take its CSR platform a step forward and get involved in education. They want to help form the next generation of decision-makers, considering that technology, their field of work, lies at the heart of the learning process.


Youngsters these days, known as Gen Z, don’t take interest in the typical idea of social causes, believing it is obsolete. The common act of donating something and expecting it to have a positive impact doesn’t make sense to them, since they believe charitable acts cannot be bought.

In their eyes, you can only make a difference by getting involved: the amount of effort you put into an action directly influences its result.


Considering the younger generation feels the need to “get their hands dirty”, we designed a social campaign that creates a chain reaction: students recycle in order to facilitate other children’s access to education.

The exchange is simple: those involved would collect waste separately and recycle, thus learning more about protecting the environment. The amount they gather would then be transformed into gadgets destined to help less privileged children.

By empowering them to fully take a hold of the situation, they were offered the tools they needed to change the world for the better.

We designed an application that calculated the amount and type of waste students recycled and in exchange, they gained coins to buy gadgets for the pupils in damaged areas.

You can read more about this project on Metaminds’ #beameta platform.

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