Tangaj Prod / “Mia misses her revenge” Movie poster

Some problems in society don’t receive as much attention as they should. We are afraid to talk about problems in relationships or to assume that we can be victims of some awful things such as domestic abuse. 

We created the poster for the film Mia Misses Her Revenge, a Romanian indie film written and directed by Bogdan Theodor Olteanu, in which we highlighted the main conflict of the story, which is, on one side interior, and on the other side, exterior. 

Synopsis: Mia, a young actress, is slapped by her boyfriend. That triggers it. She moves back home and starts planning her revenge. She decides to make a sex tape to send to her ex. She just needs to find a man to make it with.

Produced by Tangaj Production and co-produced by Sub25 and Papillon Film, this indie stars: Ioana Bugarin, Maria Popistașu, Ana-Maria Guran, Carol Ionescu, Adrian Nicolae, Alexandru Ion, Alex Chindriș.


The movie presents a long series of scenes during which the female characters debate about domestic abuse and Mia’s revenge plan.

Even though each of these dialogues has the movie’s main theme as the starting point, the way the female characters express their points of view and the variety of their opinions expose the watcher to a much larger picture of what is nowadays young women’s attitude towards society and inside their group.


When looking at the big picture, young women today don’t feel the pressure to seem the same to be united concerning the discrimination they are still exposed to.

The power of togetherness no longer receives strength through the similarities among the women, but it is founded on their freedom of expression.

Inside their group, young women have stopped competing with each other by comparing. The freedom of expression has empowered them to believe in their authenticity.

The togetherness of modern women is based on unisex values centred around the human character.


“the new femininity”

Strategic-wise, we built the communication around the concept of the “new femininity”. The movie poster and further on the advertising around the movie dramatize the idea of the diversity of attitudes inside a compact group of young women.

We used the movie characters and one of the most memorable scenes about the big theme, to reinforce the idea of the almost surprisingly individual freedom of expression under one unified group.

Being individually different has become the statement of the nowadays collective definition of femininity.


Transilvania International Film Festival 2021 – Romanian Days Award / Best Feature Film

Warsaw International Film Festival 2020 – Competition 1-2 Award – Best Film (Special Mention)

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