Monument for / Statui vii


Monument For wanted to make the people living or working in the city center of Bucharest aware of the importance of the public statues again. The purpose is the preservation of these statues as they are often vandalised and citizens don’t feel responsible to at least call the authorities to come and clean up.


Public statues actually have an emotional value in our lives as they often are the meeting points and the escape places to drink a coffee, to kiss, to hide, to hang out, to skate.

Unfortunately most people take them for granted and consider them just historical monuments. In the digital era, street historical monuments seem to loose their valued perception, their relevancy in the public eye.

creative idea

We link commonly known insights related to the people represented by statues with the insights from the everyday lives of the people passing by. We create a branding for the group of the statues in the campaign, “Statui vii”, “Living statues”, and give them voices to open the eyes of people to their relevancy.

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