Synevo / The Inner Beauty Exhibition

Romania is among the last countries regarding people’s interest in their health. These results come from poor education, the costs of medical treatments or the values of putting other needs above health. 

We created a number of visuals, with women of different types, in sensual dance postures, made from body cells. As if their skin is a full body suit with a pattern made of these cells.

We encouraged women to express both, their inner and outer beauty. If outer beauty is somehow known how to be expressed, we wanted to teach women how to take care of their inner beauty – by taking medical tests more often. Almost 99% of health problems are born behind the skin and can be discovered there, at an early stage.

This campaign had a big impact on women’s attitudes regarding their interest in health: there were more than 41%  polymerase chain reaction tests taken and more than 70% Papanicolaou tests taken. Online, there were over 15.000.000 impressions. 

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