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In Romania, there are industrial and theoretical highschools. Dual system decreased in popularity in the past years, so those the qualified labour market. 

We designed the campaign for TRUTZI to express the partnership with Petru Mușat College, which purpose was to attract students to the dual learning system. 


Everybody talks about the local talent leaving Romania for greener pastures, and how this brain drain ranging from software devs to doctors is affecting the labour market. The less talked subject, however, is the leakage of blue-collar workers, who leave Romania for a better life.

Trutzi, the leading manufacturer and importer of iron products, was directly affected by this shortage, therefore they partnered up with the local Petru Mușat College and launched a dual education program aimed to encourage young people to learn the tricks of the iron trade and build a successful career as iron craftsmen.


Young people think formal education is irrelevant because it doesn’t prepare them for the jobs on the market.


We bridged the disconnection between the educational system and the labour market with a set of key visuals that explore the tension between school and work. By combining tools from both the industrial and the scholarly side, we closed the gap between theory and practice, and in the process, we reinforced Trutzi’s brand positioning as the ultimate iron manufacturer.

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