Two new campaigns for Electrica Furnizare – loyalty program & activation of electronic invoice

After the two flights of Electrica Furnizare’s campaign for the electronic invoice activation, we are back on track with two new campaigns – a customer loyalty program and an activation program for the electronic invoice. 

loyalty program

For 2023, we aim to increase the number of electronic invoice subscribers. The loyalty program is addressed to Electrica Furnizare customers who activated their electronic invoice in 2022, but gave up this option and returned to the printed invoice.

We are running a campaign where we tell people that every month with the digital bill on brings them a possible prize. To quit the electronic invoice is an effort, while maintaining it can be a benefit, without any extra effort.

Romanians are waiting for their luck. They feel entitled to receive, even when they put in no effort. It’s enough to activate your electronic invoice, you don’t have to do anything else, because that’s all it takes to receive the Electrica Furnizare prizes.

Campaign Key Visual

activation program

The electronic bill activation campaign is a call for digitalization. We aim to dramatize the benefit of the fact that when you give up something (in this case, paper invoices), you make room for something new (being fully digitalized and winning prizes). 

People often preserve receipts, records, and bills for a long time because they believe they will use them one day. These eventually fill up a large amount of room in the home.

To receive the prizes from Electrica Furnizare, you have to make room for them in your house by switching to the electronic invoice to be fully digitalized. Thus, you do yourself a double favor: you have more space in your house and you also receive prizes to upgrade it.

Campaign Key Visual

online campaign for the activation program

The electronic bill activation campaign is a call for digitization. There is a lot of digital behavior in your life, from online reading to online banking. Thus, to perfect yourself, you only have one more step to do – switch to the electronic invoice.

To amplify the campaign, we created an online puzzle-type activation. Since our campaign is a call for being fully digitalized, this puzzle gauges the participants’ level of digitalization. The primary premise is to show that the majority of our experiences now take place online, including online bookings, online shopping, remote work, online books, and many other activities. So, why not make the adjustment and switch to an online invoice as well? Participants received a customised message and the percentage of their degree of digitalization after solving the puzzle.

Do you see yourself more of an internet savvy or are you still a digital amateur? Are you in for a check? Click here to test your digitization level!

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