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In 2016, it was the first time in a long while that the Romanian football team had qualified to play in the EURO Championship. Football is the undisputed king of sports on a national level, and the expectancy of watching the Romanian team play was pretty high up. What is more, this large-scale event makes everyone want to be part of the experience, even if football isn’t exactly their cup of tea.

We decided to show supporters one wouldn’t usually associate with football, jumping on the EURO 2016 bandwagon and decorating elements of their lives with the Romanian flag, as a symbol of cheering for the national football team.


In the EURO 2016 frenzy, many brands wanted to show their support for the football event of the year so the country became plastered with similar-looking visuals, depicting football fans wearing the Romanian National team gear.

The telecom brand UPC România wanted to show its support for the Romanian National Football team and it was clear from the very beginning that it needed to do so by distinguishing itself visually.


The TVC shows 4 situations with characters who take their time to arrange objects around them into proud setups depicting the Romanian flag: a grocery stall, cars in a parking lot, toys and a bookcase.

As for the prints, we wanted to instil the football fever into viewers through visuals that would make them decorate their surroundings similarly, with the red, yellow, and blue colours.

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