Virgin Radio / Friends with benefits

The radio became very entertaining in our decade. We can interact with radio hosts, we can be in direct and there are a lot of engaging challenges and games… all live!

We rolled up our sleeves and proposed both the concept and the design for an online platform aimed at maximising the popularity of the 3 DJs who host the morning show Virgin Tonic. The platform accompanied an ample BTL action in which the 3 DJs travelled the country from the 28th of April to the 6th of May to make as many new friends. We created individual cards for each DJ containing a code which could be used to submit a friend request, a.k.a. a vote. The DJs spread these codes in all of their offline interactions with the fans.


The charismatic trio wants to be friends with the listeners of their radio and become their Friends With Benefits. The benefits? The DJ who had the biggest number of friends would pick one of them and take him/her on an unforgettable summer trip. Each DJ chose an experiential holiday inspired by their hobbies, in order for the listeners to get to know the real people behind the speakers.

The landing page of the contest was filled with photos of the three DJs, a lighthearted bio, and details about the holiday experience. All topped off with friend request buttons and a real-time chart of the leaderboard.



Shurubel is so passionate about music he’d take the winning fan to Tomorrowland, the very best festival electro experience.



Football fanatic Ionuț wanted to take his lucky fan to watch a football match of his favourite team, Real Madrid straight from Santiago Bernabéu.



Whereas Bogdan is addicted to the adrenaline rush only driving can give you. His lucky fan would have accompanied him at an F1 final.


The boys were super competitive, trying to outshine each other in an attempt of getting the highest number of friends. This was spontaneously interrupted by none other than Andreea Remețan, the charismatic shopaholic host. She joined the competition and unlocked the digital version of the codes, to catch up with the number of friend requests.

Her prize: a shopping trip to Milan.


The DJ with the biggest number of friend requests is no other than Bogdan who will take a lucky winner who wanted to befriend him at the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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