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For the first time on Romanian land, Virgin Radio was ready to be launched for a young generation, who feels more connected to its global roots, rather than to its Romanian origins.

We had to talk to this group of people who no longer define themselves through the old-school way of doing things Romanian style, but perceive themselves as part of a global, universal, open hub of creativity, ideas, trends, entertainment, and music. They identify as citizens of the world.

We created a campaign which relies on two key visuals, used in several mediums from OOH to digital, which showed cool elements from abroad entering the Romanian landscape. One of them is set in Bucharest, in a location important for the capital – the Revolution Square- and a go-to place for young skaters. In this setting, the very definition of Americana appears: a shiny, red Cadillac.

The other visual depicts a natural landmark of the Carpathian Mountains – the Sphinx – as the perfect landing point for a man with a bright red wingsuit.

Virgin Radio synchronizes you with the world. Virgin Radio came to challenge the airtime music with new pop & electro hits, directly drawn from international tops, whereas competitive radios still favour local artists more. Now, there’s a radio on the Romanian market which actually offers only super fresh international hits.

The copy is short, implicit and retains the global aspect by using English. Worry not: the global coolness has arrived. It’s here!

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