Shortlisted on Top ADC*RO: Bet on your winning

In September of 2022, we made it to the monthly ADC*RO top for the shortlist.

We entered the top with the Superbet campaign, „Pariază pe super pasiunea ta!”. Our campaign focused on people’s passions, outside their day-to-day jobs. We used Superbet Endorsers such as ex-football players, football coaches, and sport journalists.

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Agency’s Team:

Cătălin Rusu – Copywriter & Creative Director

Miruna Macsoda – Managing Director

Liviu Baciu – Account Manager

Production studio’s Team:

Andrei Amarfoaiei – regizor

Mihai Modalca – producător

Dragoș Vîlcu – producător executiv

Client’s Team:

Vlastimir Vukadinovic – Marketing Director