Winners! Awarded 9 times at the Top Gala ADC Romania

We have said it before and we say it now: 2022 was a good year for us. We allowed creativity to run its course beneath the Rusu+Borțun roof and we were awarded at the Top Gala ADC Romania, part of the ADCE – Art Directors Club of Europe. Art Directors Club Romania is home to creative leaders and talented individuals. Briefly, Top Gala ADC is the only advertising festival in Romania that grants prizes for creativity.

We were happy for all the winners too, while we claimed our 9 prizes.

Superbet campaigns from 2022 applauded by ADC*RO

You’ll hear a lot about Superbet campaigns around here, maybe that’s why we got the bronze in the “Most Creative Brand” category of 2022 at Top Gala ADC. So, let’s see how we got here.

SILVER for Superbet Casino / Bucharest, 1930 – the most creative campaign half-year 2022

See the Case Study here.

BRONZE for Superbet SuperSocial – the most creative campaign July 2022

See the Case Study here.

BRONZE for Superbet SuperBarberShow – the most creative campaign December 2022

See the Case Study here.

It's all about our Rusu+Borțun winners

If good campaigns were done by themselves, after hearing about our winners, Miruna Macsoda and Catalin Rusu, they would call them for a second opinion. Curious why? Miruna was crowned with silver at the Top Gala ADC*RO for the strategic planner of the year 2022. Catalin won the bronze in three categories: the creative director of the year 2022, the copywriter of the year 2022 and the art director of the year 2022.

People here in the back ask for some kudos too since they enjoyed working side by side with Miruna and Catalin to make the good work happen for the Superbet Superbarber Show campaign. I wonder how they thought that I would forget them when making the diptych. You are all bronzy-bronzy, Cristiana Trifu, Diana Panainte, and Alex Oiță. Big kudos to Lucia Parapiru, who is shining in silver and bronze due to the Superbet SuperSocial campaign and Superbet Casino campaign awards.

So, here we are, the fourth most creative agency in Romania. ADC*RO said it, we’re just spreading the word 🙂

When we can’t do it all by ourselves, we call on the best. Special thanks to the Multimedia Est team: directors, editors, colorists & DOPs. Hypno & ATE, Andrei Amărfoaie & Marius Panduru, Tinu Bâzgă, Ioan, Andu Radu and all the great others, you are all on our white list!

And if we didn’t have cool clients, would we still see such awarded work? Big thanks to our creative clients from Superbet: Johnny Hartnett, Martina Živković, Vlastimir Vukadinovic and Sergiu Petre. Together we are super!

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