Bronze for SuperBarbershow campaign

The ADC*RO TOP jury selected the top ads from December 2022. We worked hard last year, we were inspired, and the results did not disappoint.

We are in the top ADC*RO, with the Superbet – SuperBarbershow campaign, which won the bronze.

We created an online show of 8 episodes and a Tik Tok campaign having as Superbet brand advocates our Romanian football legends.

Read more about the Superbet SuperBarbershow campaign here.

Agency’s Team:

Miruna Macsoda

Cătălin Rusu

Alex Oița

Cristiana Trifu

Diana Panainte

Production studio’s team:

Casa de productie – Multimedia Est

Dragoș Potop – Producător

Tinu Bâzgă – Regizor

Client’s team:

Vlastimir Vukadinovic – Marketing Director

Sergiu Petre – Media Manager