Changing the Zeitgeist: The Hybrid Model

Our own Miruna Macsoda and Cătălin Rusu were invited again on Channel 33 to discuss the trends and fads of the digital communication landscape, but also about the recent strategic shift in the Rusu+Borțun business model. Bonus: digital wisdom nuggets, big ideas and inside info.

The interview started with the news of Miruna being the new Managing Director of our digital division, Rusu+Borțun Cyber Growers. She talked a bit about her carefully planned academic and professional background, then went straight on to the strategic shift in Rusu+Borțun Cyber Growers business and what that means for the teams and the clients. Basically, it’s going to be challenging, but hey, it’s adapt or die trying, innit?

She offered a glimpse into R+B’s new objective and positioning, which is the recruitment, integration and development of hybrid teams. This means that each team member has a basic role with a clearly defined responsibility, plus side skills to share with the others. This approach, she argues, improves performance and leads to results, which is exactly what clients want from digital nowadays. More on what clients want in the recorded video.

Asked about trends, she names community building as the leading one. Cultivating a healthy brand community should be a priority, because this is the source of your consumer loyalty, insights and user generated content. In other words, this is what makes or breaks a brand. She added cross-channel promo by mixing traditional with digital, but we’re not going to spoil everything for you.

We can’t leave out Cătălin, who offers a piece of wisdom (free of charge) on the relentless search for that elusive genius idea. Spoiler alert! While looking for it you forget to do your job. Don’t forget to do your job. Also, on the topic of community building, he talked about the recent Apollo 111 Bar social media campaign, where the bar’s inbox messages were used to tell a story about the brand. Read more about Apollo111 / #aboutlastnight campaign.

But there’s more where that came from. We suggest you watch the interview and see for yourself.