Four brands, three visions, one agency

Apollo 111, Patru Mâini, Equatorial, Rusu+Borțun

Our Cătălin Rusu, again on Channel 33, discussing trust, passion, creativity, vision, and courage in the context of a self-pride industry.

This interview is about how an ambitious idea became the cultural core of the young art. About how a passionate and daredevil team changed the local game of advertising and entrepreneurship. About how dedication and mutual aid can make a change for a better society. Last, but not least, the future of business through digitalization: from management to social entrepreneurship. This is the way we do business. Trusting, optimizing, and giving our best. Winning is no longer a criterion of who’s the best on the market. We beget culture through communication, personality through passion and ambition. The core key of a cherished, well-done work is primarily the human fine touch, along with vision and creativity.

This year, Rusu+Borțun celebrates its tenth anniversary. Ten years of jolly work and friendships. Ten years paid off with identities, communication, self-teaching, and digital passion. Cătălin highlights Rusu+Borțun’s dedication and mission. Four representative brands, three bold visions, and one agency to mould them in the cast of reality.