Marc Borțun is Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers’ new Creative Director

Starting August 2018, Marc Borțun, co-owner at Rusu+Borțun, takes over as the agency’s new creative director, coordinating all the projects for agency’s entire portfolio (Orange, Europa FM, Bittnet, Avia Motors, OroToro, Yasou, OSHO Restaurant, Mega Image, Ing Tech, Carturesti, Mandy Foods, Bursa Binelui BCR, Sports Hub (Cristina Neagu, Mihai Leu, Ana Maria Branza), Trutzi, The Institute, United Way, Equatorial (, On Pharma, Patru Maini, Apollo111, Tiriac Energy, OLX Grup, Stratulat Albulescu, Inventure (

“I feel a big responsibility because this role requires skills that I need to perfect, such as organizing and rigorous planning. But I know I can rely on my colleagues’ support in this department. In return, on the coaching, feedback, taking overs/centering and other gimmicks that come with seniority I feel very comfortable at. I love the team effort, I cannot stand the self-pride when I am at the office, I keep them for my personal artistic expression in the arias of paint and design,” said Marc Bortun, Creative Director Rusu+Borțun.

With 20 years of experience in the local mar-comm industry, Marc Borțun proposes himself in the first place to develop in the agency an even better creative integration between branding and advertising, doubled by the development of Rusu+Borțun Cyber Growers, the business unit coordinated by Miruna Macsoda. After ten years since Rusu+Borțun’s debut in the local advertising market, the creative team that founded the agency units its forces to take the company to the next level.

“What I am hoping to succeed alongside my colleagues in the client service, strategy and creation departments is to do things in a more relaxed manner, with that type of delight and joy that something do not find their place anymore, to do those projects that we would be proud of, the client to be comfortable and even happy and to satisfy the public’s intelligence and need for beauty. With less stress as possible. The most important thing is that the challenges are clear, for us to think of the right solutions. And that is because for us, as an agency, is not enough to make things look pretty. They need to be strategic as well. And to convince the clients, to solve the problems for which they are investing us with trust, no matter if they are entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs. To be able to have that harmonious relationship in which we have trust and respect for each other. To deserve ourselves”, Marc Borțun, Creative Director Rusu+Borțun.

“Marc is a native creative, a very conceptual visual artist, converted to advertising by the love for people, humour and the meaning they can reveal. He has been working for 20 years in the industry, 13 of which we have been a team. A creative team, art and copy, and now, at the anniversary clock it arrived the moment to become also a management team. If for 10 years Marc’s role has been to generate ideas and visual craft, now is the time to provoke, select and harmonize the talents at Corbeni 3. We want more from Rusu+Borțun and that implies skin in the game, which comes with motivation, not only with responsibility. For me, it has been a big chance to have Marc close all these years. I am sure that this is how it will be for our colleagues and the agency’s clients as well“, says Cătălin Rusu, Chief Creative Partner & CEO la Rusu+Borțun.