Our work for Țiriac Energy got into Lürzer’s 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide

The car-truck-van-bus-tractor R+B imagined for Țiriac Energy back in 2018 just delivered a box full of surprise-joy-pride-gratitude. For R+B and Țiriac Energy, it was a creative and visually striking way of saying you get the same premium gas and experience no matter what you drive. For the people at Lürzer’s it was crazy and crafted enough to place it next to some outstanding works in their 2019 edition of 200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide.

Of course there are some people who are fully entitled to make the “blowing air on fingernails and polishing them on shirt” gesture.

R+B: Mircea Crăciun (Copywriter), Bob Toma (Art Director & Creative Director), Cătălin Rusu (Chief Creative Officer), Miruna Macsoda (CSD & Strategic Planner), Iulia Voinea (Account Executive), Anca Uscătescu (DTP), Laurențiu Năstase (supermodel coder)

Țiriac Energy: Andreea Axente

Studio: Macri Studio – Ionuț Macri, who we wish to thank for sprinkling just the right amount of digital magic

Is it the first time we get into Lürzer’s you ask? No, it’s actually our third. Over the years, the Archive also selected our works for Synevo Medical Labs and Primus. They’re the ones below, if you are allergic to hyperlinks…