RAA x Millenium Communications / TB awareness campaign

Every now and then, we like to look back at some of the work we’ve done that made us tick. So, in 2014, in partnership with the NGO Romanian Angel Appeal and Millenium Communications, we had a new mission with an important cause. The task: to raise awareness about a subject that is unfortunately still very present: TB.


1/3 of the global population is infected with tuberculosis and 1/10 of the infected people develop the actual disease throughout their lives.
In Romania there are annually reported 18.000 new cases of TB: 15.000 are new, while 3.000 are relapses.
In Romania the numbers show 1.000-1.500 cases of TB multidrug- resistant (MDR-TB).
In the past, most of the cases were patients from disadvantaged backgrounds, however, more often there are encountered cases of patients with high incomes.
Anyone can contact the virus by being in the same close space for at least 15 minutes with an infected person.
The mortality of patients with TB is: 5%; whereas mortality for patients with MDR-TB is a staggering: 35%.

The numbers were worrying, so we knew we had to intervene. Therefore, we created an integrated communication campaign aimed at exactly this: how to make everyone aware of the dangers of TB.

The prints show the interior of public transport and all the places where people could get in contact with TB. They read:



For the TV ad, a similar message with the one on the prints transpires. The clip shows common, yet widely-used objects or places, such as cinema seats, soda cans in supermarkets, or handles in buses which could be a potential source of infection with TB.


Part of the campaign, was also the radio ad. The script read:

From when you were born, it’s in and outside of you. It keeps you alive, but it can also infect you. The air transports the TB bacil. Inhaled in crowded and unaired spaces, it can infect anyone with tuberculosis. TB is treatable, go see a doctor. Details on: www.reintegrare-tb.ro

It makes us very happy that we could contribute to this project co-financed through Social European Funds in the fight of raising awareness about such a widespread illness.

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